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According to website Brandwatch, there are 2.3 billion active social media users, with 176 million added in the last year. Facebook alone has 1.71 billion users with YouTube claiming another billion. In her annual Internet Trends report, Mary Meeker of Menlo Park, California Venture Capital firm KPKB cited video views on Snapchat and Facebook growing fast and that individuals with smart phones were increasingly using cameras for storytelling, creativity, messaging and sharing (p. 78-79).

While the smart phone with its countless apps is the ideal device for capturing moments in the individual’s life—something that’s done in real time—the problem comes with editing the content, adding context—date, place, people attending, the occasion being celebrated—and distributing it. This function is left to the individual afterwards—a time consuming task that distracts from enjoying the moment. Thinci’s deep learning, vision processing solution can eliminate the problem by automatically capturing the content and converting it into professional quality video, images and audio for posting to social media sites. In addition, the Thinci solution can curate the user’s accumulating video, audio, text, pictures, purchases, mileage and even create a complete diary of the individual’s daily activity as well as providing security from hacking of this personal information. The functionality in the form of Thinci silicon and software can easily be added to existing smart phones or supplied as a separate device that’s smaller than the phone.